1964 Denver Penny Earrings with Turquoise (Magnasite) and Coral - Copper Wires


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1964 Denver Penny Earrings with Turquoise dyed Magnesite and Coral Beads - Copper wires and accents. Nothing is more appropriate for a woman's Anniversary, Birthday, or other Commemoration - or a memorial for a beloved loved mother, grandma, or aunt.

Coins are shiny, and slightly cupped, I clean them, stamp a hole in them and dip them in a sealer that will keep them lovely for a long time. I make my ear wires of 100% copper. If you need sterling silver, I have an add-on you can purchase here on Etsy. I also include a rubber stopper so they can't accidentally fall off!

Need a year you don't see? Convo me, I have many years from 1910-1939 and most years from 1940 to present in stock and can get the earlier years with some notice. I also gift wrap free of charge, convo me the event and I will package it appropriately.

** These are jewelry and have only sentimental value as an item minted in the year stamped. They are no longer considered collectible coins.

Copper Content:
Years Material

1793–1795 ~100% copper
1795–1857 ~100% copper
1856–1864 88% copper, 12% nickel (also known as NS-12)
1864–1942 bronze (95% copper, 5% tin and zinc)
1943-1943 zinc-coated steel (also known as 1943 steel cent)
1944–1946 gilding metal (95% copper, 5% zinc)
1947–1962 bronze (95% copper, 5% tin and zinc)
1962–1982 gilding metal (95% copper, 5% zinc)
1982–present copper-plated zinc (97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper)

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