Indian Agate Stretch Mala 11th Avenue Crystal Cottage


Shipping to United States: $2.00

This is a compact Mala, perfect to hang on your rearview mirror or wear around your neck. There are 108 beads, the small beads are 4mm faceted Indian Agate and the marker beads are 8mm Indian Agate. The guru bead is wood and the tassel has a silver top.
Indian Agate is said to represent strength, courage, and protection. It is also believed to promote healing and bring good luck. As a protective stone, Indian Agate is believed to calm the body and soothe the soul. This is strung on a double-stretch string for durability.
As a mala, this stone can help you strengthen the warrior woman within and is a reminder to pray for the strength and well-being of others.

All of our gemstones are gently washed in warm soapy water, rinsed, and air-dried, then purified with selenite. You may perform your preferred purification method once they are in your possession.
11th Avenue Crystal Cottage is a part of the PrairieFyre Boutique family in Kansas, USA.

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